Happy Holidays From Gillian Executive Search

Hello everyone,

We’d like to wish everyone a very merry holiday season and a happy and prosperous new year. We close out 2018 with Affordable and Workforce housing on the rise. Market rate is going to be a little bit quieter in the coming year. Industrial development and office acquisition/rehab will continue their pace. Retail and Hospitality will pop up and down depending on current pipelines. 2019 will be relatively flat compared to the past few years but that’s ok. We need things to settle a little bit. There is talk of an “earnings” recession and interest rates are taking another hike. At least this time we have some systems in place to give us a soft versus harsh landing.  I’m happy to chat with as many of you as possible at the beginning of the year to get a sense of where you are and where you want to be in your career.


Closing out 2018 I have some thoughts:

It’s been a good but turbulent 2018. I hope in 2019 we see some much needed change. Primarily in just how we are all being poked and prodded by everything we see and hear all day long. The bombardment of social media is off the charts. We’ve been led to believe that our LIVES exist on things like Facebook only to find that our identities and personal data have been sold to the highest bidder. We’ve admired Twitter for giving a voice to the voiceless and helping companies, philanthropies reach out to their audiences only now to find that it has become one of the number one sources of “news” for all of the big media outlets. I’m not just talking about the President but all politicians, actors and random emotional attention seeking individuals that just want to attack or bemoan everything that happens in the world. We don’t need this garbage littering our brains, we don’t need all gifts to be from AMAZON, we don’t need Facebook to enhance our social lives and we don’t need to read or hear about the absurd rumblings that Twitter is now riddled with.

What do we need? We need quiet. We need humility. We need everyone to stop thinking it’s so important to define ourselves by what we tweet or comment on social media. The US has lost its way because it has allowed itself to be purchased. We are a retail machine that is quickly becoming automated as we sleep. We have cameras in our homes linked to the same internet that Amazon’s Alexa uses to hear our every word, we are seen and heard. Yet we continue to scoop it up. I realize there is good from our inventions but it’s the unseen intrusion that worries me if  continues unchecked.  I hope we can changed this, I really do. I hope the monopoly on our minds called out for what it is. Our new generations are to busy looking down and being hypnotized than looking up at their uncharted future. It’s concerning because they lack the enthusiasm and gusto of those that came before them.

I’m deeply disturbed by the politics of our great nation. Not that politics has ever been a clean profession but the acting and the betrayals have become so large it’s hard to fathom. We operate like a 3rd world country. Our voting systems are littered with fraud and illegal activity that is endorsed by those it favors. I want to be proud of the parties we vote for whether it’s Republican or Democrat or hopefully some quality 3rd party.  I want the differences to be noticeable and respected. I want the crazy mobs to stop and I want politicians to stop activating them because we all know that somehow, somewhere someone writes the checks for these nut jobs. Perhaps this mess is a restructuring. Perhaps politicians will go back to serving the people and now selling out votes for their job security. One can only hope.

So let’s show them we are tired of their bickering. We are tired of conspiracies at the top that are designed to topple presidencies before they get started. No good person will ever run for office if this is what we do to those we elect. It’s not good for our country and its not good for our world.

Let’s turn them off. Let’s do something different, use something else, buy something different.


Anyway, I raise my glass to 2019 and welcome it with open arms. I want to work harder and do more in this coming year than I have in the last 4.


Who’s with me?

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Happy Holidays From Gillian Executive Search

Hello everyone, We’d like to wish everyone a very merry holiday season and a happy...

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