Thieving Parking Meters - Shouldn't we get our change back?

As more and more parking meters are slowly become credit card friendly this might be less of an issue moving forward BUT what about all of the FREE LOANS we have been giving cities for decades. Why don’t we get our change back? Soda machines could never get away with this so why do parking meters?

Who was the genius in government who said “Let’s remove the coin return from the parking meters”? I think it was the Devil.

How has this gone on for years? You walk up to a meter and you accidentally put one to many quarters, nickels or dimes in. The meter just gobbles it up. You don’t receive extra time you just loose your money. There’s no explanation other than the city basically saying it’s a dumb tax for not reading the tiny writing.

We all just grimace, grumble and walk away. How much extra revenue do cities make off of screwing us over like this? Plus, its compounded if that extra quarter the meter stole could have bought you that addition 15 minutes that the meter cop just fined you $45 for.

Not much of a blog but definitely something that “grinds my gears” and It just happened to me last weekend.

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