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First off, this is not a political oriented piece. I’m not trying to tell anyone who to vote for or who to like. This article is purely about freedom of mind, freedom of inspiration, freedom to think for yourself.

As a Southerner living in California ( or Los Angeles to be exact) I often cringe when I am in a social gathering and listen to folks talk. The constant agreeance with celebrities and regurgitation of “what they said” leaves me heartbroken. Most of the country is not like this and for the most part people could care less what a singer or a movie stars says or tweets but in Los Angeles it just out of control. I am not knocking  the talent of celebrities in general but some of the most untalented ones make the most noise and cause careless damage all for the control, exposure and money. I’ve never understood how people just eat this up as the ultimate truth without seeing the strings that are tied to all of the people. I can’t watch the award shows or even SNL any longer.  When they truly have an educated opinion through their own involvement and passion, well now, that is something I can listen too but the drove after drove of performers and actors who seemingly get handed the same cue card to read from before and after their performances has made me turning the dial or turning it off.  It is so obviously staged and rehearsed but I have to give credit where credit is due. It has worked for years and they’ve turned the masses into wondering cattle.  Granted the recent elections and scandals have made this all louder but it’s been going on as long as Hollywood got into politics and put its hand in the money jar. It’s just now that the curtain has fallen and so many under its power can finally see it for what it really is….a big political show. Honestly, how can one industry all think and say the exact same thing?? Is it not strikingly obvious and weird that SO many people behind and in front of the scenes are all pushing the same agenda?  It’s not because it is some great human cause. It’s control and it is required.

And on the flip side I’ve been puzzled for years how people can move here seeking their name in lights with all different backgrounds (religious, political, sociological..etc) and then when they are handed their SAG card this personal identity gets stripped away. Now, as so many women and men come forth telling awful stories of how they’ve been treated and abused by Hollywood’s demigods I have to imagine that on a lesser (but no less concerning) scale there must be thousands of want-to-be actors and musicians that feel bullied and forced to wear a mouth piece they never signed up for. I’m sure they just want to hone their craft and be the best they can be and not be forced to split sides and alienate people on behalf of their handlers political influence and their great money flow.

Watching as Hollywood finally has its gilded vail pulled away revealing the control that producers, unions and certain politicians have had over this industry I feel horrible but I also feel hopeful.  They have all of our data, our numbers, our voting history, our credit cards but please don’t let them have your free will. It is the last frontier of the human soul. I am hopeful more people are discovering and pushing away this bullying force.

I would like nothing more than performers to feel free to be 100% themselves when they step out of character and for those of us who admire their talent to be inspired by the way they perform not by the politicking words they are forced to say. You can tell the difference between scripted and honest talk. It’s not always beautiful but its real.  

I believe firmly that “forced though” causes more hate than  “free thought”.  It’s hard to turn it off with social media constantly pounding away at our central core.

Vote the way you want, think for yourself and analyze everything from every angle….because you have the right too.



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