It's time to elect our next president. I'm not going to tell people who to vote for but do want everyone to think because from what I've learned most people overlook things that are actually going to happen to them and their families when a person gets elected because they get swept away by all of the media antics and rumblings of the candidates during the ugly campaign process. I live in a staunchly democratic state, California, and I'm not  a democrat but I'm not a hardcore republican either. I hail from the great state of Arkansas which use to be a heavily democratic state but during the Bill Clinton presidency it became overwhelming republican.  A state that had been run by Bill and Hillary for 8 years can barely tolerate the name "Hillary Clinton". Unlike Bill, Hillary had the inability to connect and would say anything to get her way. A personality trait that does not bode well with the Southern states. She claims her connection with Arkansas during her presidential campaign but trust me folks. There is "NO" connection. We've all known for years what the whole country is just now finding out...she's bad news.

I've made a career helping folks reach the next level in their career. Sure money doesn't buy happiness but it does provide for things that make life easier. It pays the mortgage, school supplies, meals, healthcare and savings for the future. It helps people provide a brighter future for their family. It's increasingly difficult to save in states that are overwhelming democratic. The taxes are out of this world and yet the infrastructure continues to crumble and nothing ever gets done. Where does it all go? Folks I hate to tell you but you should know by now. It goes into peoples' pockets, people who were not the intended recipients.  I'm talking about the interior politicians and those that make a living in the political machine of which Hillary is tightly connected.  I work hard to provide solid offers and financial security for our candidates. I do the math and have learned that most people truly start getting "ahead" for the long term once they start earning between 200-250K a year (average family of 3.5). It's a goal that makes most people feel like "Hey! We've made it. We can really save. We can pay off our debts".  In some cases candidates are earning 100K in one year and catapult to 200K+ with one strong year of bonuses and raises.  It is a wonderful feeling and inspires folks to do more in their careers.

Well, I'm not sure if everyone missed this but Hillary Clinton came out and said she is going to raise the tax bracket on anyone making 250K and up and has not ruled out raising it on those making over 200K. The other insulting statement that she thinks we're all too dumb to understand is her pledge "I will not raise taxes on families earning less than 250K by 1 dime!!" Well, this area of our economy is currently well overtaxed! Not only should she not touch it she should want to lower it. You can't do that by growing government.  She constantly compares this to those who have hundreds of millions of dollars in the bank and who can pay their taxes with out much of an impact to their families. It's not a comparison that makes any sense.  I'm talking about people who are just now starting to get ahead. They are in their solid wage earning years and as we learned from the Great Recession, income can disappear over night.  People should be free to earn and save when the years are good. We need less government folks and by that  I mean less fat wallet bureaucrats that are selling out our futures for votes. Any one who immigrates to the United States should want to earn the "American Dream". That "Dream" is traditionally to get ahead honestly and to be free to do so. You're casting your vote towards a person who has no intention of passing around the donation plate. You will never see this in the form of progress. You will work hard to climb that corporate ladder only to get kicked square in the teeth by Hillary right when you think you're getting somewhere. You will never reach that salary mark because she will make it impossible.

On top of that she wants to ring every last dime out of companies. As a small business owner I do my best to provide for my employees. They are my second family and my responsibility but my business is not a money tree. We work extremely hard for every dollar that comes in. Hillary doesn't understand this concept nor does she understand that this kind of pressure can cause small companies to close their doors. The government never comes knocking on my door saying "Hey, great business. You help a lot of people. How can we help you?". I don't expect the further intrusion by big government into my small business to ever yield a positive impact on me or my employees.

They don't want your money to make the nation better. They want to take your money because they can. She's telling us "Well, you should trust us with your future and not yourself. You're not qualified to handle your money. Let us do it". Really, you want that type of influence running your life?

It is insane!!! There are 3 other candidates out there. None are proposing such outlandish taxes on the American people or the small businesses that are the cornerstone of American enterprise. For the record I might not really be a partisan person. I just try to control the two things that I have that the government wants and that's my ability to make my own decisions and my wallet.



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