1692 Development Project Manager, Affordable Housing - San Francisco, CA


Kipp Gillian’s notes: This small, exciting team in San Francisco represents the best affordable housing developer in California. This team gets it done and their projects are the best in the industry. I need about 5-10 years of solid affordable housing development experience. You’ll be glad you made the switch.




1705 Assistant Project Manager - Irvine, CA


Kipp Gillian’s notes:  Affordable housing is one of the strongest sectors of development not only on the West Coast but through out the country. This client happens to be one the very best, if not the best in California. Their projects are the best in class with exciting mixed use components. This position is “ground floor”. I’m only looking for a year of experience out of college or some internship background with solid real estate analytics, proforma modeling and hopefully some tax credit knowledge



Multifamily News

Multifamily Careers: Multifamily has been a dominate force in real estate. It includes luxury, market-rate and affordable housing. All are similar in structure but very different in financing, acquisition and development. The United States’ population continues to grow and with it the need for housing. More and more young workers are flocking to the cities and avoid the daily commute from suburbia  in exchange for smaller but well appointed apartments / condominiums with well-defined dining, exercise and entertainment options.  Projects are becoming harder to pencil but the demand continues to rise.

Careers within Multifamily include: Development, Acquisitions, Construction, Architecture, Interior Design, Renovation, Capital Improvements, Property Management, Asset Management, Accounting and Finance, Legal



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