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  • 1688 FF&E and OS&E Manager - Los Angeles, CA

    FF&E and OS&E Manager

    This position is on hold

    The FF&E and OS&E Manager is responsible for directing and overseeing the logistics cycle, from planning phase to installation of FF&E procurement. Will lead all sourcing activities for OS&E, materials and services, building services, maintenance equipment and parts, along with commodities

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  • 1687 Director of Architectural Design - Los Angeles, CA

    Director of Architectural Design

    The Director of Architectural Design will be responsible for the day to- day oversight of multiple projects and the inherent design related issues. The role emphasizes focused self-starter skills with a high level of personal integrity and business ethics. Must be able to work effectively in

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  • 1697 - Assistant Vice President of Preconstruction - Santa Monica, California

    POSITION TITLE: Assistant Vice President, Preconstruction

    LOCATION: Corporate

    FLSA STATUS: Salaried Exempt

    BONUS POTENTIAL: This position is bonus eligible

    REQUIRED TRAVEL: Anticipated – Project Dependent

    ENVIRONMENTAL CONDITIONS: Work is performed in a standard office environment

    REPORTS TO: SVP, Design & Construction

    Position Description: The Assistant Vice President, Preconstruction is responsible to

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  • 1677 Marketing & Project Coordinator - Anaheim, CA

    Marketing and Project Coordinator for
    Mid-Sized Retail General Contractor

    OUR CLIENT: A strong retail, commercial general contractor that has been in business for 57 years. Their commitment to excellence and innovation is evident in their finished product, which can be seen throughout the retail, entertainment, and mixed-use marketplaces.


    • Includes

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  • 1665 Director of Field Operations - Los Angeles, CA

    Director of Field Operations & Project Management

    This Position has been filled.

    The Director of Field Operations - Los Angeles, CAwill designs and implement a working project plan compliant with budget expectations and in keeping with the company’s high standards of quality. The Director of Field Operations is responsible for developing

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  • 1645 Financial Analyst - East Bay, CA


    This position is closed. We are always getting new positions in so please feel free to still send in your resume on this position.

    Our Client is currently seeking a Financial Analyst to provide strategic financial and analytical support to maximize value creation for the Western Region’s real

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  • 1635 Project Manager in Retail Construction - Orange County, CA


    Our Client provides commercial construction services throughout Southern California, delivering innovative building solutions and outstanding customer service to a diverse range of commercial and retail construction markets

    Our Client is seeking Project Manager to direct all activities related to assigned construction projects including, planning, management, coordination, estimating, and

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  • 1633 Director of Architecture and Construction - Oregon


    This position has been filled!

    Starting out as a small company in the 1950’s they are now one of the leading independent retailers in the United States. The Company has approximately 7,000 employees in over 460 locations throughout Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana,

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  • 1632 Real Estate Manager - Oregon


    This position is closed.

    Starting out as a small company in the 1950’s they are now one of the leading independent retailers in the United States. The Company has approximately 7,000 employees in over 460 locations throughout Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, California, Nevada, Utah

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  • 1631 Senior Project Manager, Retail Construction - North Los Angeles County, CA


    Our Client is a full service privately held commercial and multi-family real estate investment company operating open air retail centers, offices and apartments throughout Southern and Northern California.

    Our real estate development client has an opportunity for a seasoned Senior Project Manager of Retail Construction.

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The Project Engineer / Assistant Superintendent – Restless Jedis in Training


Recently we wrote about the training and mentorship enormity of SUPER Superintendents. It think it’s only fitting to address the student side of this story as well.

There is little sense in mastering anything if you have no pupils to impart such wisdom. 

Projects large and small are placed in the trusted hands of small core teams to manage cost, schedule and issues.  You are a trusted band on a vessel (job site trailer) positioned in harm’s way with one mission…succeed! Half of that team, or more, consists of Project Engineers and Assistant Superintendents  who have anywhere from 1-5 years of experience. This article is geared more towards individuals with the 1-3 years’ of experience mark, the “restless years”.

You’ve  just come out of trade or just graduated college. You’ve landed an interview and job with a strong construction company or developer and you are already eager for that next step. Hold on, there is much learning to be done.

Take pride in the position you have. Though the titles indicate a more junior status your ability to do your job is pivotal for any project’s success.  The best of the best superintendents are still only human and can only be in so many places at once.

Having an “extension” of one’s self is priceless. A team (large or small) of professional young mentees  that take their jobs seriously is what brings success to a project.  A project engineer that knows facebook is a waste of time ( and life ),  one that captures opportunity, one that synchs with the present and one that can visualize what success means to this vessel’s voyage is one that will grow exponentially in their career. SO in the meantime…run the numbers, review the quotes, check the schedule, track the submittals, take quality meeting minutes, estimate whenever you can, walk the field and learn, learn, learn, take the battle from the job trailer door to the structure and support your good leaders tooth and nail.

Nothing will make your Superintendent or Project Manager prouder. It takes up to 4 to 5 years to becomes truly promotable so focus on being the best you can be in this job. Trust me, you will get noticed and your career will blossom don’t be impatient. Listen to those that are trying to coach you. Sometimes their coaching might not be so obvious and the learning will be entirely up to you. Eventually the chaos in learning will calm, your  eyes will open and challenges will be fully understood.

I’ve seen this current generation of Project Engineers become so restless. With 2-3 years of experience they are applying to “Director of Construction” and “Owner Rep” positions. Slow down! Master your craft and we will talk. If you feel your growth is stunted where you are then yes, you should move to a place where you can garner as much knowledge as you can.  Don’t wait on people to teach you. Get involved, make mistakes and learn. You need to be the person that a Superintendent or Project Manager can trust to do your job well when no one is around.

A pride in your work and personal development IS the FORCE.  Restlessness that dilutes your work can lead to the dark side.

I’m always available to chat about career growth and transition. Give me a call.



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