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Welcome to the new website for Gillian Executive Search, Inc. Our goal was to make our user experience a bit more fluid but some directions never hurt.

Here you will find the listings for our searches in real estate development, construction and architecture. The jobs have been broken down via product category (Multifamily, Retail, Commercial and Industrial Office, Hospitality and so on). Based on your background you would click the category most relevant to you and search the open positions in Development, Construction, Architecture and so on. Any positions that have been previously filled will state that in the introduction. We leave some of these up for Search Engine purposes so that candidates and client can easily find us on the web.

The first position in each list is always open showing a brief introduction to that position. You can open or minimize all introduction by pressing the "+/-" tag. If you want to learn more about that position just click "READ MORE" and the position will open up to the full job description.

Once you have determined which position you are interested in you can return to the main category page (Multifamily, Retail, Commercial and Industrial Office, Hospitality) and refer to  "APPLY for ______ Jobs". Here you may list your contact information, upload a resume and select the position you are most interested in.

If you have any question please give us a call.


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Recruiters in Real Estate Development, Construction Management and Architecture.

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We are a leader in executive recruiting for real estate development, construction, architecture and engineering. We've
been in business since 2001 and continue to make the best placements in the industry.

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