Code of Conduct


NEVER go around your recruiter. This is the worst possible offense. We hold the keys to the position(s) and clients(s) we are speaking with you about and we can either open the door or lock it depending on your actions. We have been hired by OUR clients to review, screen, filter and manage the selection, interview and offer process. Unless you are otherwise notified by US and our client that direct communication is ok DON’T DO IT. If you break this line of trust you will be removed from our pool of candidates.  This includes the following:

  • If we share the name of the CLIENT with you do NOT share that information with others.
  • If we set you up on an interview do NOT call the client directly for feed back. You may send a thank you letter ONCE but outside of that all follow-up communication will be handled by the recruiter.
  • If you are NOT selected for the position first round or otherwise do NOT use/abuse this confidential introduction by sending addition resumes and correspondence to the client.
  • If you have recently submitted your resume to the client please tell us this when we discuss the position with you . Recruiters can not represent a candidate that has all ready submitted their resume unless special conditions apply.
  • Do NOT send reactionary emails to our client should they choose to hire someone else. This is completely unprofessional and uncalled for and will result in the immediate termination from our database. You will never be considered for a position by our firm again.


You are of course the life blood of our profession. That being said GES doesn’t work for just any company that calls in needing help filling a position. In order to increase your success rate with us or any outside search agency please note the following:

  • Be prepared. GES works for many of the strongest real estate development and construction companies in the nation. It is because we never give up and we always find the right candidate. When you call us please be prepared. Know the position you’re recruiting for and have at least an outline of the position (construction project manager and development project manager are not the same thing). We can walk you through the rest.
  • Have approval to hire an agency before calling.
  • Do not pump recruiters or candidates for information
  • HR – if you have had a long line of problems filling a position then it’s probably not a hiring issue. It’s more than likely an internal management issue. Please “look under the hood” in that department and find out why people are quitting. GES looks forward to helping our clients and creating successful career transitions for our candidates. We will not work for companies that have rotating doors as it is bad for our business.
  • Feedback; Gillian Executive Search requires very little maintenance from our clients. The only thing we ask is to give us a good inside view of exactly the type of person you want and to provide us with feed back during the search. Typically we fill our positions within 1 to 3 candidates. Feedback is critical.
  • If you’re going to be moody or rude please don’t call us. We have far to many good clients to work for and we don’t want to spin our wheels on people who like to argue for the sake of argument.

In short, we are all on the same side. Let’s behave and avoid any friendly fire.

Kipp Gillian – President
Gillian Executive Search, Inc.
866-600-0437 x 1

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