Social Media mean Responsibility not Magic

SOCIAL networking not so “SOCIAL”

It seems inevitable that the reliance on the internet to communicate would also weaken humanity’s daily interaction skills. Recruiting in Real Estate Development and Construction Management has been typically, over the years,been a very normal social experience. When I say “social” I mean hand shakes, phone calls, conversations. I do not mean “Lols”, emoticons and Linkedin/Facebook emails.

We have been led to believe that everything we need to know sits behind the shimmering layer of LCD on our desktops, laptops, tablets and smart phones. Many now hide behind these mechanisms to “connect” with people. Now, I agree that having an internet portal that links me to an individual will make it easier for me to broadcast information but the reliance on that portal for my business or my future correspondence is ridiculous.

In short remember that if you as a job seeker want to get noticed don’t make your connections rely on a secondary email exchange to conduct your interaction. Ok, sure “connect” on LinkedIn, “friend” on Facebook but try to avoid sending those people emails through these alternate sites outside of the initial go around. The people you want to connect with (like me) are attacking their work day through their normal email exchange and work phone. Get their email and send them an email directly. Sending it through a Linkedin or Facebook exchange might doom your important message to obscurity only because those emails are not checked with the same frequency as the Outlook we look at all day long.

In short Social Media is not a wishing well. Don’t throw your email or resume into it and hope that someone will get back to you. Find the direct contact for the person you wish to reach and….CONTACT THEM!!! Don’t stalk them by any means but make an effort. This is especially true for recent graduates.

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