OBAMA Cometh and he taketh away

Well, we’ve been watching commercial after commercial for months now and though we are all happy to see an end to the endless array of Propositions and Candidates I for one wish the fight for the Presidency was still going on. I no longer feel that we are a country heading in the wrong direction I now feel we are firmly down the path of the wrong direction and ran out of popcorn to find our way back. I pray that Obama has a vision different from whatever this last 4 years was. I hope he sees the need to embrace and help the private sector. No “bridge and roads” program is going to help middle America. You can hire a million teachers and will have zero effect on those millions of professional citizens who have watched their salaries disappear all together or be cut in half. Obamacare will reduce the healthcare quality in this nation and will make it even harder to get the best treatment possible. I am still in shock that Romney lost. Such a good guy and a brilliant business man. We so needed that shot in the arm. I’m not coming at this from a Republican stance. I’m just being a thoughtful citizen…Obama is an awful choice and has proven his inefficiency time and time again. I guess I’m the running back in the big game that fumbled in the last second on the one yard line. The game is over and everyone has gone home but I’m still on the field running that play over and over again wonder “How did I let that happen”. Construction and Development jobs have been slowly returning to the market thanks to private money (with no thanks to this Administration). We have seen a spike in the need for Architects as well. 2013 should be an ok year…it just would have been dynamic with a change in the oval office.

Kipp Gillian is the President of Gillian Executive Search, Inc. a nationally recognized leader in real estate development and construction management recruiting. www.gessearch.com, 866-600-0437

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