Using Social Networking to E-Mail – NO!

LINKEDIN, Facebook etc: Just a quick tip from my desk. I know these days there are plenty of connections made on Social Networks but receiving emails on multiple e-mail platforms is a massive pain for a recruiter and other professionals. If you want to send an email please send it directly and avoid using these mediums when possible.

Anyone that’s working hard all day is paying attention to their Outlook or similar main email platform. They do not want to click links to see messages and jump from their work to a website to see what you sent them. It’s ok to “connect” but please send any email directly to them IF you feel it’s important. I have people trying to apply to jobs by posting “comments” and though we appreciate the effort odds are we might miss that because we are busy fielding emails through our Outlook. So help yourself by staying in the MAIN STREAM of communication. Good communication starts by calling or direct email whether you are reaching out to us or anyone else that you really want to get in touch with.

Kipp Gillian – Recruiter
Gillian Executive Search, inc.

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