Tanks for Nuttin!

That’s my best way of writing in a 1929 Great Depression era accent. “Tanks for Nuttin!” This is my rant towards Obama and all the misfits on Capital Hill that are so far gone and disconnected that they’re making a mockery of the foundations that made this nation great. We didn’t become the world super power (now slipping) by kissing butts and placating to every special interest group. This “American Jobs Act” is an absolute joke. Let’s be clear, I’m all for infrastructure jobs, teacher jobs and jobs for the men and women in the military but Obama and his band of political nimrods have clearly selected groups in order to get him elected.

Infrastructure (bridges and roads) will only serve a hand full of civil engineering and public works general construction companies. Most of the companies will ramp up only in the field. This job addition to the real estate and construction arena is minimal. Rebuilding schools is of importance to our society but once again (like Obama says) “let’s be clear” if you’ve ever built for a Unified School District you know full well how awful that work really is. It is a bureaucratic and union nightmare. Typically it’s only work that some firms will take if they have absolutely no alternative. The construction in this case is againĀ  minimal and will not have some glorified impact on the construction jobs sector.

I honor and shake the hands of veterans and service peopleĀ  every chance I get. They fought and fight to protect our freedoms and they do deserve a good job when they return. But what job can they expect after busting their butts in some horrific country? Obama, why don’t you go and do the interview “Hi, welcome back! Thanks for your service! Would you like to build a road or a school?” Honestly, we need to loosen the ties that bind our struggling private sectors. We need to give a healthy business lending incentive to our banks. We need to inject this country with the creative excitement that made us great in the first place.

This bill is a political stunt aimed primarily to curry Union favors for re-election. The millions of unemployed that earned wages from $50k to $200k a year will find no shelter within this bill.Thanks for nothing Obama. I wasted my time watching your “jobs” speech hoping that you and your followers had figured something out but not to my surprise you are pedaling the same snake oil because you’re not qualified for the job you hold. I appreciate the office of President and though I did not vote for him I guess he’s my President too, but I do not hold myself subordinate to anyone (except God and my parents). The job of President clearly needs someone of strong caliber and business acumen. If we see this same Obama/Pelosi capital hill gang re-elected we will be seriously doomed to another 4 years of stagnation.

Our Government needs to stop placating illegal aliens and big corporations. You’re abandoning and demonizing your own citizens. We need leadership from the top that will take our country back and stop selling it out for votes.

Kipp Gillian – President
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