Are we there yet?

I’m the child in the back of the car that won’t stay quiet. I’m excited to end the longest backseat car ride I’ve ever been on. “ARE WE THERE YET” I’ve screamed over and over. The worst part is that I haven’t heard the driver say “YES, now hush!”. Instead I’m met with a quiet almost ignoring me response as if the driver isn’t quiet sure but is yet hopeful that a street sign will emerge soon alleviating the concern that we are lost.

I make this comparison because lately I’ve seen a nice change in course from the past 3 years. Clients old and new have risen out of the ashes to hire one or two new people. It isn’t the big push we’ve been waiting for but it’s better than what we’ve been dealing with.

It’s almost like a reunion chatting with old clientele and sharing war stories of what we’ve all been through. A tear comes to my eye when they say “Kipp we need a couple of new hires”.

Though I can “wet my whistle” on the trickle coming out of the faucet I’m not quite sure if it’s a sign of a full flow returning to the system. But my gut says it is. If what my clients are telling me turns out to be true then we should see an enormous activity surge in July/August of this year.

So like the child who has zero control of when we get there and/or how fast all I want to know is “ARE WE THERE YET! ARE WE EVEN CLOSE” because everything around me right now tells me that we are. I’m tired, I’m fussy and I just want out of the back seat.

To catch everyone up we are working on financial, development, architecture, construction and engineering positions in the South Eastern part of the US (focus is mixed use + resort), we are signing contracts in July for project management positions in retail, we are busy with positions in affordable housing/multifamily housing and dealing with some new clients that have heavy focus in mechanical engineering. Plus we just wrapped up a couple of development management positions for commercial development. We are working every where from the South Eastern part of the US, to Iowa, Indiana, California and Hawaii.

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