2010 – The Year we make PROGRESS

2010 – The year we make PROGRESS

Welcome to 2010!!! The good news is that we’ve all survived 2009. What a year it was. Financial cataclysms, terrorists, H1N1 the world as we knew it was pretty much turned on it’s head. Today…well it still is but the good news is that we’re much closer to being out of this mess than we were a year ago. It’s a pretty obvious statement but there’s just something about that new year smell that sends the mind ambitiously scrambling towards the great unknown of possibilities.

On the job front we are working with a handful of clients that have some needs and if you’re one of the candidates we’re considering please hang in there with us. Hiring is tough on the clients these days and they have to take one step at a time. For everyone else we have seen some slight gains in the job sectors. This is measure by the emails we receive from our candidate roster asking us to update their profile. Thankfully many are informing us of their latest employment move. We still have the Summer months to go before I feel things will start to “feel” like they’re getting better.

In the mean time let’s all count our blessing for what we have and keep charging forward and like any wild ride, sit down, buckle up and hold on to your valuables!

Your agents of change,

Kipp Gillian – President
kgillian@gessearch.com This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
866-600-0GES (0437)

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