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Will provide strategic direction, supervision and general management for the company’s construction division. This position will have responsibility and accountability for all aspects of the construction group including: long-range planning, fiscal management (overhead and project budgets and reporting), the evaluation and implantation of platforms/systems, devise and implement policies, requirements and standards, oversight and implementation of business unit processes, contract oversight, cost control process, as well as associate and vendor relationships.

This position shall be responsible for the overall development of market rate multi-family / apartment development projects on existing client assets and (when appropriate) through new acquisition opportunities. They will select and oversee all third party consultants (architects, engineers and contractors), and be responsible for the overall success of each project’s performance.

Senior Asset Manager for Multifamily, Northern Los Angeles, California
Lead Asset Manager for the Company’s portfolio of commercial and multi-family properties. Directs marketing from post-acquisition to disposition. Portfolio size 1.1M square feet with an estimated value of $250M.

Controller – Northern Los Angeles, California, Multifamily Jobs
Oversees the company’s accounting and internal controls. Establishes and maintains the organizations accounting practices, principles, procedures and initatives for numerous properties and prepares financial reports in order to present findings and recommendations to senior management. Ensures company accounting procedures conform to generally accepted accounting principles. Managers the annual income tax returns including oversight of outside review of the final returns before being submitted to government agencies.

Senior Construction Project Manager for Multifamily – Northern Los Angeles, California
Senior Project manager plans, organizes, oversees and coordinates multi-diciplinary, multiphase construction, and capital improvement projects from conceptual initiation through construction closeout and completion. Manages support staff and construction contractors on behalf of the Company

SENIOR CONSTRUCTION MANAGER (Owner’s Side), Orange County, California, Multifamily Jobs
Owner’s representative of the company focused on the successful oversight of large scale multifamily projects in Los Angeles and Orange County California.

Construction Manager (Owner’s Side), Los Angeles, Orange County, California, Multifamily Jobs
CONSTRUCTION MANAGER is a field OWNER’S representative of the company involved in all stages of a construction project. Assists the SENIOR CONSTRUCTION MANAGER and VICE PRESIDENT with regard to the construction process.

Construction Manager (Owner’s Side), San Francisco, California, Multifamily Jobs
CONSTRUCTION MANAGER is a field OWNER’S representative of the company involved in all stages of a construction project. Assists the SENIOR CONSTRUCTION MANAGER and VICE PRESIDENT with regard to the construction process

CHIEF ACCOUNTING OFFICER or Senior Corporate Controller – Los Angeles, California ( west side)
Our CLIENT, Inc. is a growing, fast-paced, forward thinking real estate company that is looking for an experienced CAO/SCC to manage all required financial services and internal accounting department. He/she will be directly responsible for maintaining all financial reporting, as well as best accounting practices associated with A/P, A/R, payroll, cash management, forecasting, financial reporting, etc. The CAO/SCC will work closely with the Owners of the Company and EVPs where he/she will assist with long-term strategic decisions and provide input on day-to-day decisions of the business.

Vice President of Western Construction for Multifamily Apartments – Los Angeles or Orange County
Our client is a national developer, general contractor and property management company that is currently seeking a candidate for Vice President of Construction. This is a senior level position with full bottom line responsibility, working closely with the Development Partners and managing multi-state operations. The position requires the following qualifications and experience:

Vice President (or Project Architect) of Design for High-End Retail – Los Angeles, California
The Vice President of Design or Project Architect is responsible for working independently and keeping the EVP of Architecture informed on all phases of project development design and construction. The ideal candidate will be a design architect with a proven track record of working effectively in developing high end retail or multi-family. Will contribute to the development of the project design, production of presentation drawings/sketches and determining resolutions for design complexities.

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And from the ashes we have risen!

Looking back and sprinting forward

The Past: It’s been a while since I have found something insightful to write about. My brother recently noted “you sound mad in your blog” and after reviewing I think he’s probably right. The recession changed  all of us involved in real estate development, design and construction. The whole thing just blew up like a dry brush fire and before we knew it we were all consumed. We endured years of waiting, politics, ups and downs. It was a massive test for several generations and all we could do was hold on if you were dedicated to your craft. I grew angry as  I saw good people loosing their jobs all over the country. I saw amazing projects getting scrapped and work for my firm turn to ash in my hand. We looked to the horizon waiting and hoping for the pendulum shift. I won’t go back down memory lane on this because it’s too well traveled by all of us and it’s time to move on but I believe it’s important to never forget what happened.

The Pendulum Shift: In 2012 things got better, not great but better. In 2013 the economy rebounded and certain pockets of real estate took off like a shot, Multifamily projects especially. 2013 was a solid year by all counts and comparable to any year prior to the recession but it wasn’t “fun”. I looked at every new project as if it was my last still peering over my shoulder for another dark storm of financial corruption to trip us up as we regained momentum but to my surprise the sun continued to shine and the clouds continued to dissolve into the blue sky. The boogeyman stopped chasing us a long time ago and the sounds of chaos and disruption have finally dissipated from my ear drums. Now we can run for the joy of the race and so….we do.

Decide what you want to be and go be it: I love this phrase because it sums up how to live life so clearly. It doesn’t mean to pretend to be something that you’re not. It means that you should wake up everyday and work hard and smart to become the person that you want to be. Don’t let life and it’s ups and downs steer your destiny. Hold the reigns come hell or high water. It’s never to late start. Remember “where you invest your love….you invest your life” – Mumford & Sons.

Now: Multifamily remains strong and clients are competing for the best talent in construction, asset management and development. Retail is coming back and architects and construction managers are in demand. Office will arrive this year in the form of acquisitions and tenant improvements and we expect Hospitality  to gain strength in Cap-x. 2014 is going to be an exceptional year. Jobs are no longer temporary. Let’s not take this for granted.

Happy belated New Year to everyone!

Kipp Gillian | President | Gillian Executive Search, Inc.
Recruiters in Real Estate Development, Construction, Architecture and Engineering
866-600-0437 | www.gessearch.com



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Not only a great “Caddy Shack” reference but also an important theme to remember when calling or showing interest in a position whether it’s with us or anyone.

We spend a lot of time with candidates who respond to our posts with high interest but who have clearly not read the full job description. Please don’t do that. We want this not only to help us maximize our time on the phone (because time management is critical in our business) but to also not have candidates unnecessarily spinning their wheels. When we post “High-Rise Construction Project Manager on General Contractor side” please have that experience. That experience would be several dependable years building that product in house with general contractor. Not showing up and finishing one project off that was 75% complete as a consultant. See the difference….be the difference.



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