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  • 1626 Affordable Housing Development Project Manager - Phoenix, AZ


    Note:This position is for a true “go getter”. A candidate that doesn’t watch the clock but pursues opportunities relentlessly and successfully. This position has uncapped potential for development opportunities and income. It’s not for everyone. You need to have a familiarity with the LIHTC applications and affordable housing and a knack for sourcing and working hard in an respectful and entrepreneurial environment.

    Company Description:

    A strong real estate development company with offices in Arizona and Michigan conducting development and providing consulting services throughout the United States. Our client provides professional expertise encompassing development, financing, Tax Credit implementation, planning, and coordinating the functions required in all aspects of Affordable Housing.

    Our client has a first class reputation in all sectors of development and continues to seek out future opportunities nationwide.

    Position Description:

    The position is responsible for managing the sourcing of new opportunities, LIHTC application, LIHTC awards and development process for affordable housing new construction and rehabilitation projects financed with tax credits, including: acquisitions evaluation, arrangement of financing, municipal entitlements, neighborhood outreach, and oversight of the design and project consultants in collaboration with other members of the development and construction team.

    The position is based in the Phoenix, Arizona but will focus on sourcing, application and development of projects in over 8 states.  The position reports to the Vice President of Development, and will work in collaboration with the company Principals, and other development and construction team staff.


    Responsibilities, by phase, include:


    • Identify sites in municipalities with potential local funding programs
    • Insure that sourced opportunity meets all requirements for local LIHTC.
    • Get land under contact
    • Submit tax credit applications and pursue awards of LIHTCs
    • Participate and prepare response to RFP’s and RFQ’s
    • Prepare and submit LOI’s and coordinate with brokers/owners
    • Work with VP to enter purchase and sale agreements, after review and approval by senior management
    • Prepare due diligence on properties under contract


    • Develop the project program, initial project proformas, budgets, and schedule
    • Obtain entitlements (State, City, Regional, Planning, Public Works, Building, Utility, etc.), including public presentations to neighborhood groups and public approval bodies
    • Selection and management of consultant team, including negotiation of contracts in collaboration with internal construction and development team
    • Work with senior management in the selection of non-profit partnerships for services, and property management


    • Obtain and close financing for the project including identifying sources, submitting applications/RFPs and negotiating terms
    • Identify proposed project funding partners and sources
    • Obtain letters of interest and proposed terms from capital sources as required for support of acquisitions and funding proposals
    • Work with preconstruction capital sources to secure preconstruction funds, including applications and due diligence
    • Work with senior management driving the completion of partnership agreements, and construction loan agreements
    • Manage existing relationships with project debt and equity sources, and identify new capital relationships and sources as required
    • Management of financial reporting and coordination with internal accounting department to track monthly budgets and quarterly forecasts

    Permits and Construction:

    • Management of consultants and/or internal design-build process to achieve targeted project construction budgets, schedules, and quality standards
    • Represent the company during the design-build and construction phase when lead by contractor, or in collaboration with development team
    • Work with development team members on review and approval of consultant and construction change orders
    • Develop a good working relationship with the construction manager on each project
    • Direct value engineering efforts and implement design modifications where necessary in collaboration with contractor
    • Work with development team to secure all required government permits and approvals

    Marketing, Sales, Leasing, Closing:

    • Oversight of marketing and leasing consultants
    • Selection and negotiations of property management partners, and service providers, in collaboration with senior management
    • Coordination of final financing audit and compliance packages 

    Desired Qualifications Include:

    • Minimum of 3 years working with multifamily residential construction projects using tax credit and bond financing
    • Public presentation skills
    • Tracking and reporting budgets using excel
    • Communicating well with design consultants and in-house general contractor
    • Desire to work in a diverse, entrepreneurial company and environment where there is NO limit on your production.


                  Base salary target of 80K (maybe more based on experience) and 10-15% of developer fee. This position has potential to earn high bonus. Please call to learn more.




    Contact: Kipp Gillian | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | 866-600-0437 x1

    Gillian Executive Search are top CRE recruiters specializing in Multifamily and Affordable Housing Construction Management, Development, and Architecture nationwide.


  • 1630 Project Manager - Orange County, CA



    Our Client - An extremely strong general contracting company that focuses in Multifamily and Commercial construction. They have been selected by some of Orange Counties top real estate development firms to manage the construction of their development pipelines.

    Our  immediate need is to hire a strong MULTIFAMILY Project Management candidate with extensive podium experience. This candidate should be able to buy-out the entire project, understand bid spread evaluation forms, and work closely with the owner managing the budget and cost centers monthly.  This candidate would have to conduct weekly meetings with the consultants and owner and have the personality to meet the demands requested of them. Initially this candidate should be able to handle 2-3 construction projects.


    • Sample project: a Type III A, five story of wood frame over a three level podium.  Two levels of parking below grade and one level at grade.  There are 233 apartment homes, lease office, community room, business center and other amenities with high end finishes.  Contract value is around 70 million dollars.  Project staff will consist of in-house parking structure superintendent and a PE.


    We would also like to locate a seasoned superintendent to run the vertical construction as the parking structure nears completion. 


    • Hit construction departmental goals, monitors progress and reports monthly
    • Facilitate due diligence for new investment pursuits
    • Preparation of Physical Needs Assessments, Schematic Estimates, and Bid Packages
    • Engage Designers and Coordinate Details & Drawings as necessary ensure contractor has adequate detail to deliver the work activities as intended by owner
    • Review Bid Proposals and Recommend vendor based on competitive pricing & overall qualifications to perform the scope of work in the intended manor
    • Prepare contract documents and exhibits to effectively communicate the intended scope of work and to establish performance requirements within the overall project plan
    • Works with Business Development, Development, Architects, Engineers, and Property Management for completion of plans that meets market demands and cost constraints
    • Establishes and manages annual construction division budgets, job budgets and job schedules to ensure they are achieved
    • Understands the entire construction process which includes schematic estimates, total project budgeting, monthly draws, bi-monthly inspections, and permission to occupy
    • Reviews monthly draws with PM’s, Finance and Development to insure correctness of these draws
    • Approves construction invoices and monitors lien waivers and payment to subcontractors and tier subcontractors
    • Facilitates positive relationships with regulatory agencies
    • Implements construction policies and procedures throughout the department and ensures they are in compliance throughout the Construction Division
    • Manages staffing resources and directs construction priorities.
    • Reviews and approves all contracts and purchase orders
    • Leads weekly construction update meetings and project as necessary to achieve budget, schedule and quality
    • Participates in and supervises the recruiting, hiring and training of Construction Project Management and Administrative personnel per budget
    • Develops and ensures training is provided for all construction personnel
    • Provides employee personnel performance reviews per client company’s standards.
    • Provides and reinforces safe working environment and adheres to all OSHA or any other required work requirements
    • Dedicated to effectively leading people and managing corporate processes
    • Ability to interpret and apply state law, local policy and administrative and building code procedures or requirements
    • Ability to compile and analyze data
    • Proficiency in working with computers, industry software and other types of technology
    • Strong problem solving skills
    • Promote strong relationships between contractors, suppliers and client company’s personnel.
    • Strong people and leadership skills to coach and mentor with the ability to encourage skills for growth
    • Hire, train and supervise Project Managers, Estimating/Purchasing, Oversee management of Project and Administrative personnel
    • Must be a self-motivated, self-managed individual with strong work ethic. Good listener w/ good reasoning skills
    • Can establish necessary priority deadlines and accountability for self and others.
    • Maintains a positive relationship with Development Clients
    • Provides required information for feasibility studies and semiannual pro-forma updates


    • Knowledge of Multifamily construction methods and materials
    • Knowledge of industry methods of scheduling, contracting, cost reporting, safety, and quality
    • Ability to understand the technical aspects of construction
    • Ability to recruit, manage, coach, lead and train subordinates
    • Excellent oral and written communication skills to be able to effectively communicate with a vast number of people with varying backgrounds
    • Skill in negotiating for quality goods and services at a competitive price and delivered on time
    • Knowledge of construction estimating and procurement processes
    • Knowledge of sound building practices
    • Ability and willingness to travel as necessary to perform frequent visual field inspection


    • Bachelor’s degree, preferably in construction management, building construction, engineering or equivalent
    • Minimum of Ten or more year’s construction management experience, with experience in garden apartments, apartments with structured parking, and podium construction
    • Experience in managing multiple employees
    • Any combination of education and experience to be able to perform the essential duties of the position

    Compensation:A very strong financial package based on the qualifications of the candidate.




    Contact: Kipp Gillian | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | 866-600-0437 x1

    Gillian Executive Search are top CRE recruiters specializing in Multifamily and Affordable Housing Construction Management, Development, and Architecture nationwide.

  • Commerical Office and Industrial Careers

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    [/col] [col class="span6"]

    Gillian Executive Search, inc. has been one of the most successful recruiting agencies for the development, design, construction and management of commercial and industrial office properties across the nation.

    [blocknumber type="rounded" text="01" color="#FFF" background="#3498db"]We're striving for excellence in every single project whether it's a new high-rise development or a simple tilt-up R&D building.[/blocknumber] [blocknumber type="rounded" text="02" color="#FFF" background="#3498db"]In addition to development, design and construction GES has performed countless successful searches for analysts, asset managers and regional property managers in this arena..[/blocknumber] [blocknumber type="rounded" text="03" color="#FFF" background="#3498db"]We've successful placed candidates in this arena in California, Texas, Colorado, Arizona, Illinois, Georgia, Florida and Washington DC..[/blocknumber] [blocknumber type="rounded" text="04" color="#FFF" background="#3498db"] Let Gillian Executive Search recruit your top talent in the commercial and industrial office space.[/blocknumber] [/col] [/row]

  • Hospitality Careers

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    [/col] [col class="span6"]

    Gillian Executive Search, Inc. has deep root conducting some of the most difficult searches in hospitality development and construction.

    [blocknumber type="rounded" text="01" color="#FFF" background="#3498db"]We have conducted successful searches from Hawaii to Miami.[/blocknumber] [blocknumber type="rounded" text="02" color="#FFF" background="#3498db"]We have proudly served as a key resource for companies like Hilton Hotels, Hilton Grand Vacation Ownership and KSL Resorts.[/blocknumber] [blocknumber type="rounded" text="03" color="#FFF" background="#3498db"]Our searches of included but not been limited to development, design, interior design, construction and capital improvments.[/blocknumber] [blocknumber type="rounded" text="04" color="#FFF" background="#3498db"]We have completed searches for massive luxury resorts to business class extended stay hotels. If you have a need we can fill it.[/blocknumber] [/col] [/row]

  • Mixed-Use Careers

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    [/col] [col class="span6"]

    Gillian Executive Search, Inc. has been a forerunner in recruiting for complicated mixed-use projects. More and more real estate developments are including multiple forms to achieve their goals

    [blocknumber type="rounded" text="01" color="#FFF" background="#3498db"]Gillian Executive Search has filled numerous development, construction and design positions in this arean.[/blocknumber] [blocknumber type="rounded" text="02" color="#FFF" background="#3498db"]We understand the complexities in retail/residential, residential/hospitality, office/retail and other various mixes of mixed-use.[/blocknumber] [blocknumber type="rounded" text="03" color="#FFF" background="#3498db"]We have proudly served companies like Hilton Hotels, Related Companies, Irvine Company, Equity Residential, Archstone, Camden, DJM Capital and many more on their mixed-use related projects.[/blocknumber] [blocknumber type="rounded" text="04" color="#FFF" background="#3498db"]We are a team of experience real estate recruiting professionals that can help make your next project a success.[/blocknumber] [/col] [/row]

  • Multifamily

  • Multifamily Careers

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    Gillian is the clear leader in executive search for multifamily development, design, construction and management. We work for all of the big and small names in the industry.

    [blocknumber type="rounded" text="01" color="#FFF" background="#3498db"]We've successfully filled everything from President to Project Engineer through out California, the Pacific Northwest, Hawaii, Phoenix, Texas, Georgia, Florida, Indiana, Colorado and more.[/blocknumber] [blocknumber type="rounded" text="02" color="#FFF" background="#3498db"]We have a proud history of supporting luxury market rate, affordable housing and tax credit, military housing and mixed use  developers, architects and builders.[/blocknumber] [blocknumber type="rounded" text="03" color="#FFF" background="#3498db"]In addition to Development, Architecture and Construction positions GES successfully recruits in Asset Management, Financial Anlaysis, Property Management and Capital Improvements as well.[/blocknumber] [blocknumber type="rounded" text="04" color="#FFF" background="#3498db"]Our list of clients is long and includes but is not limited to Archstone (formerly), Carmel Partners, Equity Residential, Raintree Partners, The Irvine Company, Camden, The Related Companies, SyWest and many more.[/blocknumber] [/col] [/row]

  • Multifamily Jobs

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  • Our Team

    Our Founder

    [row id="ROW_ID" class="ROW_CLASS"] [col class="span3"][/col] [col class="span8"]

    Kipp Gillian

    Kipp Gillian, President Gillian Executive Search, Inc. Kipp Gillian is a Mechanical Engineer (University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Arkansas) who started his career in real estate development and construction management in 1994 as a project manager for Vratsinas Construction Company, a TOP ENR design build firm with a massive focus in retail construction. He transitioned to the client side under the VCC flag as an Owner's Rep and project manager for Jacoby Development of Atlanta, Georgia. Under these two roles Mr. Gillian built shopping center and office product up and down the Eastern seaboard and the Midwest.

    In 1998 Mr. Gillian moved to Los Angeles to open the West Coast office for VCC and continued to build retail and mixed use product throughout Southern, California. In 2000, Mr. Gillian took his real estate career in a new direction. After receiving calls from numerous recruiters that all knew little about real estate development, construction and/or architecture he felt there was a calling for a true "Agent" for the industry. On that note Mr. Gillian set out to create Gillian Executive Search, Inc. GES has been in business for over 10 years now and is one of the most popular real estate recruiting agencies in the US representing clients across the nation, and at times internationally, such as Hilton Hotels, LNR Property Corporation, Donahue Schriber, Fritz Duda, CIM Group, Weintraub Financial, Clark Realty Capital, Archstone, The Related Companies of California, Camden, Aslan Realty, WET Design, Palm Desert Development Company, Lewis Operating Company, Equity Residential, Carmel Partners, Public Storage, Macerich, DJM Capital, Lyle Parks Junior, Herman & Kittle, Greystar, Commerce Construction, Syufy Enterprises and many more.

    Kipp Gillian, Gillian Executive Search - Executive Recruiters, Executive Recruiters in Real Estate, Executive Recruiters in Construction, Executive Recruiters in Architecture, Executive Recruiter, Executive Recruiter in Real Estate Development, Executive Recruiter in Construction, Executive Recruiters in Architecture




    [/col] [/row]

    Our Team

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    • Deanna Guzman

    • Director of Marketing

    [/col] [col class="span3"]

    • Greg Stratford

    • Digital Strategist

    [/col][col class="span3"]

    • Brad Ticehurst

    • Sports Division

    [/col][col class="span3"]

    • Team Member
    • Tara Davis

    • Administrative Assistant

    [/col] [/row]

  • Retail Careers

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    Gillian Executive Search, Inc. has deep roots in retail development and construction management. Our fearless leader Kipp Gillian comes straight out of that industry,

    [blocknumber type="rounded" text="01" color="#FFF" background="#3498db"]Kipp Gillian spend a decade on both the big General Contractor and Regional Developer side of the table helping to build several million sf of retail shopping center projects in California, Kansas, Missouri, Georgia and Maryland. .[/blocknumber] [blocknumber type="rounded" text="02" color="#FFF" background="#3498db"]We understand retail development, design, construction and tenant coordination better than any search firm in the nation.[/blocknumber] [blocknumber type="rounded" text="03" color="#FFF" background="#3498db"]Gillian Executive Search, Inc. has had the pleasure of support companies like Donahue Schriber, Macerich, DJM Capital, Lyle Parks Junior, LNR Property Corporation and many more in their retail development projects across the country.[/blocknumber] [blocknumber type="rounded" text="04" color="#FFF" background="#3498db"]If you can dream it we can help you underwrite, development, design, build and manage it with the right talent.[/blocknumber] [/col] [/row]

  • Single Family Careers

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    Gillian Executive has a long history working for both private
    and large public single family home builders across the country.

    [blocknumber type="rounded" text="01" color="#FFF" background="#3498db"]We strive to find the best field construction managers.[/blocknumber]

    [blocknumber type="rounded" text="02" color="#FFF" background="#3498db"]We have strong connections with entitlement and development professionals.[/blocknumber]

    [blocknumber type="rounded" text="03" color="#FFF" background="#3498db"]Our experience ranges from first time home communities to luxury master planned resort communities.[/blocknumber]

    [blocknumber type="rounded" text="04" color="#FFF" background="#3498db"]If you need assistance finding your next Senior Vice President, Development Manager or Construction Manager please give us a call.[/blocknumber] [/col] [/row]

About GES

We are a leader in executive recruiting for real estate development, construction, architecture and engineering. We've
been in business since 2001 and continue to make the best placements in the industry.

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