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I can’t believe it’s already the 4th of July but I feel more patriotic than ever. The world is spun on its  heels with bureaucratic leaderships that funds unregulated, illegal mass immigration from countries that do not share the values or have interest in the traditions of the United States. These “leaders”  do this all to create a built in voting pool (political job security)  but give zero thought to how this new version of immigrant will integrate into our society. The only answer they give is to tax and punish the real citizens of this country who are trying so hard at every level to get ahead and give our hard earned money away with us having no voice in the matter. It strains our resources as our nation grows and our taxpayer base shrinks.

Is that the United States?

Yes, we are a melting pot but we are a melting pot of flavors from around the world that fit well together and have created a society that became the greatest nation in the world.  We are not a nation in process, we are a nation that is fully established and has unfortunately started to lose it’s way by including free membership to those who care less about what it means to be an American.  Like any great melting pot or soup you have to be careful of the ingredients. Too much of anyone ingredient or adding flavors that sour the soup causes a disaster and you have to throw the whole mess out and start over. We’ve been a wonderful mix until now but it’s not too late to turn it around.

I’m all for immigration but I want legal and regulated immigration. The same way our forefathers came here but clearly modernized to fit the new world stage. I have no idea how such a common sense thing has turned into a rallying cry but I hope we find our way. The world is filling up with evil doers and lost souls who are so easily convinced that their only value in life is taking life from others. I don’t know what’s happening but I do know that there is only one nation that can stand up to this. It’s the good old USA.

Let’s take back our values, our strength and our duty to fight the growing evil in this world. Let our strength be a beacon to other countries to change because we cannot be the answer to all the world’s problems. Each nation needs to change within and take care of their own so that we can all have a home, a country and culture to call our own.



OPEN SOURCE USA? No thank you.  

Here at Gillian Executive Search we handle all of our technical needs in-house. Meaning, we design our own websites, on-line marketing, coding you name it. In order to do that you must have a relationship with what is known as “Open Source”.  For those not familiar with the term “Open Source” I’ll give you a brief web-design history lesson and then moral the story so hang in there.

As programmers, coders and web-designers became increasingly in demand their ability to turn around multiple or larger and more complicated projects began to prove more and more difficult. Traditional programming/coding/designing required an abundance of skill and generated a finely tuned (in most cases) but uncustomizable product for the end consumer to purchase. In 1998 the OSI (or Open Source Initiative) was created and was/is dedicated to the promotion of open-source and mostly free software. The term “Open Source” is two-fold in its definition:

1.      It means that the program (Module, Plug-in, Ap, Widget, Template, etc) itself is “open” and other programmers can augment or customise it to their own specific use. Thus saving them time from creating something similar from scratch

2.      It’s generally free to the programming/coding/design world and public in general.

So in the past if you were paying a web designer to create a website that had a home page with a photo-slider or other media container (for example) the designer would have to create that product from scratch or “hard code” it and you could do little if anything to change it later on. This was time intensive on the programmer and cost them more money to create your desired product thus costing you more money. The popularity of the OSI grew as more and more designers/programmers/coders began to hatch “free” and open programs that they could just take off the OS shelf and use for their projects. This was a boon for designers everywhere since they could now work on multiple or larger projects and still charge the same amount as before. The customer on the other end never realizing that their programmer was taking free product from the OS world but charging them full price. Similar to the auto-mechanics of old charging you through the teeth for a part they took off an old car in the back. However, the end result was still a good looking website, program etc. as programmers now had access to more and more amazing products and were all eager to be cutting edge.

Preconstruction is Not Predevelopment


Prior to the recession the term “Preconstruction” trended more towards “Predevelopment”. Predevelopment focused on the financing, entitlements, city approvals and some design work. You rarely heard the titles “Pre-Development Manager” or “Director of Predevelopment”.  Predevelopment was just part of development departments’ daily duties. The mind set was that Predevelopment and Preconstruction where basically the same thing.

These days I see a lot of candidates throw their hat into the ring when positions like “Pre-Construction Director” open up. They think the duties are more like the Pre-Development activities and owner’s rep-style work they’re used to.

However, when you look at the job description you will note that today’s “Precon” positions are actually heavily focused in construction estimating. The General Contracting population created Precon as a billable service for developers that were not quite ready to pull the trigger on a project but still needed to get their hands around what the possible costs or construction hurdles would be for a project. This task was typically handled by personable estimators or project managers with estimating backgrounds.

These days Preconstruction is its own department within most sophisticated general contracting shops and even the owners/developers have learned the importance of having a Precon individual or department on their team as well helping their acquisition, development and in-house construction teams.

Estimating has come a long way from being a critical back-office position within the general contractors office to a billable service and an essential presence within many real estate development organizations.


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The Linkedin Black Hole

The positive effect that Linkedin has had on the job market: There’s no denying that...


What's Hot in 2017

Well a lot has happened since the closing of 2016. I won’t go into the...


Gillian Executive Search is in its...

Very exciting and we must thank all our clients and candidates who have helped make...

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